Fuentespina SELECCIÓN 2011


Ribera de Duero, Red wine, Castilla León, Spain

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Produced in Castilla y León Spain exclusively with Tempranillo selected grapes from vineyards more than 50 years old with an aging process of 16 months. Due to the characteristics of our climate and soil, the Tempranillo grape has an exceptional tannic concentration to elaborate aged wines. Fuentespina winery controls 385 Ha. of vineyards and advises the vine-growers specially during the harvest, to ensure that the grapes arrive in the winery at a perfect level of maturity. It has thick aromas (ripe fruit, dark roasted, chocolate), powerful and full-bodied and very well structured in taste. Long lasting and a very elegant finish. Fuentespina Selección pairs perfectly with: Red meats, pork, game,and matured cheeses.

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