Gastronomic tourism from your home

Gastronomic tourism from your home

Getting to know a country through its Gastronomy is another form of tourism. Spain has 17 autonomous regions and Castilla y Leon is the largest and most diverse.

Gastronomic tourism

The region offers breathtaking landscapes, charming city streets and some of the best of Spain’s diverse food and prestigious wines. It is comprised of 9 provinces which share flavours and tastes but retain their own traditions. Without a doubt, Castilla Y Leon is best known for its roast suckling pig and lamb. But lets not forget the cured hams and sausages, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables. There are thousands of traditional recipes available and each one, so different.

Not only is Castilla y Leon famed for its food but equally important for its wines. Some of the most important wines in the world are produced in this region, for example the delicious reds from Ribera del Duero or the famous white wines from Rueda

Gastronomic tourism from your home

With the help of SpanishGoodies, we encourage you to try some of the products from this beautiful part of Spain and hope that you too will fall in love with all that Castilla y Leon has to offer!’’

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